Important Tips for your Home Theater Setup

Nothing in the world can replicate the experience of watching a movie in a theater – the amazing visuals, the incredible sound and the overall ambience, something that can’t be replaced. Or can it? Home Theater system to the rescue! With some top notch visuals and amazing speakers, you can actually transform your living room into a mini movie theater. Setting up this kind of system is not at all a big task. Just keep some tips in mind and you are ready to go!

1. Finding the perfect visual experience:

The most important component of a home theater system is a proper television. With the advent of technology like smart TV and HDTV, the visual experience has gone up manifolds. Just bring home a quality television along with the perfect sound system, and find yourself immersed into the magic. However, it is important to choose the right TV for your room. Although the TV technology today is quite apt, yet it can’t deliver the perfect sound. And for that purpose, you definitely need to use the one which can be selected according to your preferences from a huge variety.

Finding the perfect visual experience


2. Finding the perfect sound experience:

The second component of the perfect sound system is the speakers. But before you proceed, you need to narrow down your search according to your needs. While, most of them are well suited for both music and movies, if you want to particularly enhance your movie watching experience, you can buy a set of 4 top quality speakers, specially designed for movies. Sub-woofers in your system can increase the quality and intensity of the sound, resembling a movie theater itself!

Finding the perfect sound experience


3. Finding the perfect spot for your Home Theater:

The next tip is to find a good spot in your room both from a visual as well as auditory stand point. Try to place the system in accordance with your sitting plan. For example, if you want your sound system in your living area, try putting the TV in front of the couch at an optimal distance. Map out the positions of it before actually putting them there. It is advisable to first place your system and then proceed with laying out the wires. The television should be at par with your viewing angle for maximum fun. The receiver should be placed just below the TV and well within the range of the remote. The position thus selected must not put any glare on the screen.

Finding the perfect spot for your Home Theater


4. Setting up the speakers:

Even with the best sound system out there, the whole “theater like” experience can fall flat on its face if they are not set up in right positions. First of all, place the two main front one on the each side of the TV for the best effect. They must be placed right at your ear level and must be facing your seating area. The central or main one can be placed above or below the TV. The side ones must be in line with the main. The rear ones must again be placed at the correct ear level and facing toward the seating area along the back wall, while the sub-woofer must be placed along the middle of the front wall. Alternatively, you can stack the smaller one in the bookshelves in your room. This not only will use some empty space, but will give you a different listening experience altogether.

Setting up the speakers


5. Getting ready for surround sound:

What really closes the deal for Home Theater systems is its surround sound. It not only intensifies the sound but also make it much clearer with the bass variation of the system. They are quite loud, it is advisable to place them away from window panes as there may be chance of it vibrating with the sound. Right spacing between them is the key here. Another aspect of all this is, the size of the room. In case of smaller rooms, you can use tower speakers instead. They are extremely space conserving, without compromising the sound quality. They also have several slimmer versions which can be placed under the TV, thus using the extra space conservatively.

Getting ready for surround sound

Hope that these steps would come in handy for you the next time you are looking to set up a Home Theater system. Just keep the above tips in mind and you shall experience the theater coming right into your home!

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