What Every Home Deserves A Good Quality Sound System

What Every Home Deserves: A Good Quality Sound System

Music can always add sizzle to a home, making it more happening. The ambience of a place is primarily dependant on the level of serenity it provides. Music is often regarded as the sound of soul. So it only makes sense that music adds soul to a home. Today technology has brought everything in one’s reach. When looking to add some sound to your silent home, you need to look no further than installing good speaker system there. You can opt between whole house audio installations or simple sound systems and bring the fizz into your life!

1. Easy-peasy:

Installing a sound system is not a difficult task. With options like company installations or Do-it-yourself guides, you can turn your home into a music haven quite easily. Today, the sound systems come with amazing speakers and require simple installation and minimal wiring, which can effortlessly change your outlook. Seamless remote and switch controls along with the best quality can help hold the best parties. Just invite people over and let the excellent sound form the speaker take over. In no time, your home will be the party destination of the town!



2. A system for every budget:

Imagining such a scenario with all the best speakers and audio controls seems like an expensive dream, right? But you need not worry. There’s a sound system for every pocket. However before buying, always look out for the type that suits your personality the best. For instance, if you like rock or pop, you should preferably go for woofer-heavy sound systems which enhance the quality of music. In today’s time, technology is not only for the high end, but is so readily available that anyone can get them at a reasonable cost.

A system for every budget


3. Choosing the best locations for the speaker:

Once, you have selected the speaker that suit your style, you need to find out the locations in your home where, when placed, it will give an impeccable output. In case of wired one, find the position in the room where all the wires can be easily concealed and connected. Apart from this, you shall need a power output source as close to them as possible. If you are going for the whole house audio installation, you would like to have the volume switches near you so as to adjust the sound whenever you want. For remote controlled sound system, choose locations from where the remote can be used easily and without any obstruction. Not only this, it can also be mounted on a wall or the ceiling. However, in this case, you will have to keep in mind the optimal distance and position of it. Even the best speaker will fail to give the desired results if positioned incorrectly.

Choosing the best locations for the speaker


4. Volume control in your hands:

Speakers come in all sizes, shapes and usability. Wireless or wired, big or small and music specific, there are varied types to choose from. Each kind has its own advantage. Installed one have a huge benefit when it comes to volume control. Whether remote controlled or switch controlled, they are extremely responsive and easy to operate. Just plug them and adjust the volume switch to your demand and enjoy the music at your behest.

Volume control in your hands


5. Types of speakers:

Choosing the best one for you is a necessary step while planning to install the sound system in your home. There are surround sound speakers, woofers, sub-woofers, sound bars etc to choose from. When connected to the source, each one plays according to their specific design. Therefore, as mentioned before, it is imperative that you select the number and type of it according to your need and style. Not only this, the amount of space available in your house plays a great part too. For example if you live in a small house, using a lot of space for such installations can be an issue for your other ventures. Thus, in this case, you can go for sound bars, which are small pillar shaped that require very small amount of space and can be stacked in corners. You can even get the option of playing through different sources at once. If you want the whole-house installation sound system to play different things from different sources in different rooms at the same time, you can get that too. However these are considered high end and can be comparatively costlier.

Types of speakers

There is a wide range of Intex speakers, specially crafted keeping in mind your needs and likes. Available as sub woofers, woofers, tower speaker and so on, there is something for everyone! Like, the ultimate party lovers can go for the In-House Party Collection that comes with some amazing features such as Dynamic Clarity, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, multiple source input and 5.1 Encompassing sound. Just bring one home and you will see your parties reach a whole new level!