5 Tips to Add 5 More Years to Your Washing Machine

5 Tips to Add 5 More Years to Your Washing Machine

Spending a hearty amount on your home appliances and then watch them break down is one of the most painful events of the life. We are here to save you from those tears and the time of despair with some super simple tips to make your fully-automatic or semi-automatic washing machine last longer. These few tricks and tips not only ensure the long life of your washing machine but also makes every washing cycle better.

1. Leveling the Machine correctly:

Ok, so your washing machine scare you more and washes the clothes less with its shaking and vibrating washing cycles. One of the main reasons behind this ailment of your machine is that it is not leveled to the ground correctly. The continuous vibrations can cause leakage and the mechanical problem in the future. The appliance should be leveled and all of the four legs of the appliance should be in contact with the floor all time.

Leveling the Machine correctly


2. Keeping it clean and removing lint regularly/ surface cleaning:

Yes, we know that we are talking about the washing machines here and yes they also need time to time cleaning. Giving your machine a thorough session of cleaning and lint removal helps to maintain their perfect working conditions. Also, regular cleaning of your washing machine can save it from the blockage in pipes and drainage system. To ensure less production of lint you can use some home remedies like usage of vinegar while washing your clothes in the washing machine.

Keeping it clean and removing lint regularly/ surface cleaning


3. Using proper setting according to washing cycle:

Every washing machine has its own washing setting according to the clothes and the washing cycle type. The use of proper setting while washing is a must and it should be practiced every time while doing the laundry. The washing setting on your machine also depends on the type of stains and dirt on your clothes. The gentle wash can be used for baby clothes or delicate clothes, the regular wash can be used for cotton and easy care can be used for woolen. Not using the correct washing cycle or setting can cause overuse of detergent and excess accumulation of lint and both of them is wrong for your machine.

Using proper setting according to washing cycle


4. No overloading of the machine in washtub or dryer:

We know daily dust and pollution can be harsh for your home décor also, but that does not mean that something as heavy as carpets or curtains can be washed in your washing machine. Your machine comes with loading limit or the capacity which is the limit of the weight your washing tub and its motor can handle. Overloading your machine can cause serious damage to the belt of the motor and tub. So while washing your clothes stay cautious that you’re not over dumping the clothes in your washing machine.

No overloading of the machine in washtub or dryer


5. Vent the dryer properly/ Avoiding buildup of excess lint:

Using the dryer over its maximum limit is wrong and we already told why but there are other things as well which can result in overheating of the dryer in most of the washing machines. The clogging of vents because of lint is a common issue and it can cause overheating of your dryer’s motor. Avoid getting stuck to such sticky situation by regularly cleaning the lint filter to keep the regular airflow in the dryer.

Vent the dryer properly/ Avoiding buildup of excess lint

Even the best washing machine can break under the circumstances where we miss out on the issues which we have mentioned above. However, the implementation of these simple tricks can make you a happy owner of your machine. Or if you are looking for a low maintenance appliance then you can be a proud owner of Intex washing machines! Intex is a manufacturer of user-friendly and low maintenance machines that ensures excellent washing cycle on a budget. So make a smart choice to save on those big bucks!