7 Smart Ways to Use Your Washing Machine Efficiently

7 Smart Ways to Use Your Washing Machine Efficiently

Washing machines is an invention that has changed a woman’s life, for good! The tedious and draining task of washing clothes was dreaded by women, but since the inception of this technology, the women worldwide have rejoiced! But with bigger and better inventions come bigger responsibilities. In the recent past, we have seen a remarkable evolution in the washing techniques with so many distinguished features like various washing programs for various fabrics, water control, low water functioning, memory functions,semi-automatic, so on and so forth. One concern that keeps lingering in the back of the mind is the electricity consumption. So let’s make your washing experience joyful by trying to reduce the power consumption with the following tips:

1. Pick Your Machine Wisely

Front Load or Top load are not just about looks, but actually have a major impact on washing. The electricity consumed also depends on the type of washing machine. The front loaders use less water, but have a longer washing cycle. On the other hand, top loaders use more water but have smaller washing cycles.

2. Size Matters

The size of the machine is very important because bigger the size, more power is consumed. We often think that we should buy the bigger model as we might need to upgrade later on. But we do forget that bigger is not always better. A washing machine with a bigger load capacity would result in more power consumption, regardless of the fact that we are not loading it fully. This brings us to our next important tip.

3. Check Your Load

Loading your washing machine optimally is important if we want to bring out the best from it. If you have semi-automatic washing machine with a capacity of 10kg and you’re loading it with 6kg, the electricity consumed would be reduced. So it’s always advisable to use it according to the capacity so that you save both time and electricity.

4. Hot Water Is Not Always Good

A lot of us believe that hot water is best to wash any kind of clothes. And we depend on our washing machines with hot water for washing clothes. But did you know? Hot water wash consumes higher energy than cold water wash. In case of greasy stains or special type of fabrics, hot wash is suggested, but otherwise, cold wash should be preferred. It not just saves electricity, but also reduces the chances of damaging the fabrics.

5. Drying Your Clothes the Right Way

With the emergence of fully-automatic washing machines with dryers, our efforts have reduced considerably. But like quoted earlier, with great inventions, comes great concerns. Even though the dryers reduce our efforts, the electricity consumed in the process is more. There are two types of dryers used in washing machines: Thermal Dryers and Faster Spins. While the thermal dryers use heat(that consumes more electricity) to dry clothes, the faster spinning technique uses speedy spins to dry the clothes. Out of the two, faster spins is a preferred way, but we suggest that if your city is blessed with ample love from Sun, go the natural way which is the most eco-friendly and cost effective way of drying clothes.

6. Standby Mode Can Be a Bummer

We often tend to leave our favorite electrical appliances in power saving mode, thinking that our machines are not consuming any electricity and we can resume the functioning without a hassle. But contrary to the belief, all electrical appliances, consumer energy in standby mode. So it’s always suggested to switch off the machine completely after use.

7. Stars Matter

This is a standard for all heavy appliances. Going for a 5-star rating appliances helps you consume less electricity and be a responsible consumer.