7 Ways to Easily Avoid Washing Machine Repair

7 Ways to Easily Avoid Washing Machine Repair

Washing machine repair can be annoying no matter what the situation is. Be it clothes not coming out to be clean or the malfunctioning of the machine, can be a nightmare for anybody. Instead of kicking it, again and again, there are 7 easy ways that you should keep in mind while washing your clothes to avoid any future damages:

1. Use the right amount of Detergent:

Several people think that the more detergent they use, the cleaner their clothes will be. That’s not correct. Excess detergent won’t permit, especially the fully automatic washing machine, to wash your clothes appropriately. Not only this, excessive usage of laundry detergent can cause bacteria buildup. So, irrespective of what’s mentioned on the detergent packet, just use the recommended amount of detergent mentioned in your owner’s manual and avoid the washing instructions listed on the detergent.

2. Putting too many clothes at a time:

Packing the machine or overfilling the washer by squeezing too many clothes at one time, too tightly is one of the leading causes of damage problem. Putting too many clothes will not only make cleaning inefficient, but also lays strain on the various mechanical parts, leading to increased chances of damage. So, don’t forget to follow the owner’s manual instructions for proper loading sizes, as oversized loads may throw the machine off balance and will lead to problems.

3. Leaving Clothes in the Washing Machine:

Professionals state that the habit of forgetting wet clothes in the washer for a longer period of time can increase the chances of forming a damp element in the washing tub, which can further lead to the growth of molds and smell, resulting in the malfunctioning of the device. Therefore, don’t make it a practice and increase the life of your appliance.

4. Missing out on cleaning washing dispensers:

We often miss out on the basics of maintaining our electrical appliances. One such important part is cleaning the washing dispenser regularly. A washing tub should be cleaned after every three to four months on a regular basis. One should not forget to wipe out the soap and other softeners after using it, as these soap and lint residue can stick around and cause blockage in it. Hence forth increasing the chances of ill-functioning or damage. So, make sure you wipe out the residue once done with the washing.

5. Scrutinize the Water Intake hoses regularly:

People generally miss out on checking water intake hoses of their washing machine, which may loosen or crack after a period of continuous use. If you find out any sign of cracks or leaks, replace the hose as leaking water can cause extensive damage to your home if not immediately discovered. It is necessary to regularly check that the hoses are screwed on carefully.

6. Leave the door open after washing:

This is the most helpful and easiest tip that tops it all. Leave the door open once you are done with washing, this golden rule applies to both, whether you own a fully automatic or a semi-automatic washing machine. All of these need a chance to let the air out. Also, it allows the leftover water to seep out and avoid inconvenient washing in the next cycle.

7. Don’t forget to empty the pockets of your clothes:

We understand that searching each and every pocket while sorting the clothes for laundry can be a tiresome task. But, leaving the objects like coins, pieces of paper, and rubber bands in the pockets may result in damaging the machine by getting stuck in the drain pump.

These seven tips if followed properly can help you solve your problem and will also save your expense of a service call, be it semi-automatic or fully automatic and also makes it easier for better functioning. We hope these tips will come handy and help you to remain more attentive of your actions while doing the laundry. Follow these simple tips and keep your washing machine well-maintained and save your money. We wish you all happy washing and check out the latest washing machines from Intex.