Are these Common Mistakes Causing Problems in Your Washing Machine?

Are these Common Mistakes Causing Problems in Your Washing Machine?

Invention of the washing machine in the human history is one of the best things that could have happened and to be honest if you own it you know how easy our life is. However, lately you have been suffering from a headache and it is because of your washing machine only. You are not able to stop the constant high vibration and irritating noise it is producing! Don’t worry friend we are here to help you through this trauma. Let us see what are common problems faced by the owner of a washing machine.

1. Noisy/High Vibrations during washing and cleaning cycle:

You are starting with your cycle of washing your dirty laundry and there your washing machine goes again on its trip of abnormal vibrations and noise making. This is not an uncommon problem for most of the people whether they own a semi-automatic or an automatic washing machine. The main reason behind this problem is the leveling of the appliance or the uneven distribution of clothes in the washing tub. To stop these vibrations make sure the machine is standing on a completely horizontal level and the clothes are evenly distributed in the tub.

Noisy/High Vibrations during washing and cleaning cycle


2. High consumption of water & detergent:

This is a very peculiar trouble that occurs during a washing cycle but there is one important thing to mention when we talk about these issues and that is reading of user’s manuals. The need of detergent and water is different for all the washing machines. Therefore it is required to go through the user’s manual before using the appliance. Plus it is also important to know the nature of water in your area because the consumption of detergent is high if you are using hard water to wash your clothes.

High consumption of water & detergent


3. Dirty clothes or laundry even after washing:

Imagine spending much man-hour for washing your dirty laundry and the outcome is dirty laundry again. We know that frustration and we know there are many owners of washing machines suffering from this particular issue and the reasons behind are some common ignorant issues. Number 1 is the clogged lint filter that is available in all the semi-automatic washing machines. If you are not going to wash it regularly it is going to cause such problems. Number 2 is the overloading of the machine with clothes. This practice does not only restrict the spinning of the tub but also make it hard for clothes to get clean.

Dirty clothes or laundry even after washing


4. Blocked drainage/Slow intake or output of water:

Blockage of your machine’s pipeline often takes place due to low maintenance and no cleaning of the appliance. Although it is a washing machine itself still it requires regular cleaning of the pipelines because the lint, the dirt and sometimes the mineral from the hard water can accumulate in these and causes the blockage. This problem can further lead to the problem of slow intake and output of water in the machine. It is advised to regularly clean and does maintenance checkup of your machine.

Blocked drainage/Slow intake or output of water


5. Motor overheating of spinning wash tub or dryer:

Let us get one thing clear it is a machine and the machines too get worn off, causing overheating of internal parts. The motor overheating in your washing machine can be caused by several reasons like overloading, dirt accumulation, broken drive belt or bearings. Although in some of the mentioned issues you can solve the problem yourself, some of them will require the attention of an appliance mechanic. Again to avoid yourself from such problem get time to time servicing of your washing machine.

Motor overheating of spinning wash tub or dryer


6. Increased maintenance cost:

Above mentioned all the problems results into the increment of maintenance cost and the main reason behind all the above-mentioned problem is negligence or lack of servicing of the appliance. Due to meticulous build and parts used the washing machines also require a regular care like your cars and we advise you to do take care of your machine.

Increased maintenance cost

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