How to Choose the Appropriate Washing Machine

Washing machines have brought a revolution in the lives of every woman. In earlier times, they were bound to wash clothes through their hands and this tedious task consumed lots of perspiration. However, with the advent of the new technology, both women and men can enjoy their washing task sand students can do this task for themselves. Washing machine features are improving day by day. The latest technology is fully automatic washing machine.

Previous days’ washing machines could not perform multiple tasks other than washing, but the latest fully automatic washing machines are well equipped with a variety of features, such as different washing techniques for different fabrics, low water functioning, water control, semi-automatic, memory functions etc. Many people worry about the power consumption for their washing machine usage but with the latest models, you can be rest assured about your electricity bills. For your convenience, some useful tips are given below for helping in the power consumption:

Make a Smart Decision:

Make a Smart Decision

If you are going to purchase a new washing machine, then select the appropriate machine considering its power consumption criterion. Top load or front load are associated with different power consumption capabilities like top loaders require more water, but need smaller washing cycles and on the other hand, front loaders require less water but have longer washing cycle. You can select one of them based on your requirement.

Appropriate Size:

 Appropriate Size

Size of your washing machine really matters, as bigger-sized machines consume more power. Many people have the tendency to purchase a bigger model, but you should also be careful about the power consumption. If any machine needs bigger load ability, then it will require more power to operate irrespective of the fact it has been fully loaded or not.

Load Checking:

Load Checking

Optimal loading is essential to save power. Suppose, you are owner of a semi automatic washing machine with a 10kg capacity and if you load it with 6kg, then the electricity consumption will be reduced. Therefore, don’t forget to use your machine as per its capacity. Thus, you can save both electricity and time.

Hot Water Usage:

Hot Water Usage

Many people think that hot water wash is better for their clothes, but washing with hot water in the washing machine consumes more energy compared to the cold water washing. If it is the matter of greasy stains, any special kind of fabrics, then hot wash can be used, but otherwise, the cold wash should be preferred. It not only saves electricity, but also alleviates chances of damage for the fabrics.

Washing Machine Dryers:

Washing Machine Dryers

The dryers of the washing machines are of two types – Thermal Dryers and Faster Spins. The former one consumes more amount of electricity as it uses heat and the latter one utilizes speedy spins technology for drying. Between the two techniques, faster spins should be preferred. If your region is fortunate with ample amount of sunlight, then the natural way will be best for drying the clothes. Thus, it will be a cost-effective and eco-friendly way.

Myth of Standby Mode:

Myth of Standby Mode

Most of us leave our electrical appliances in standby mode thinking that our appliances are not wasting any energy. However, the real fact is different. Every electrical appliance consumes energy in this mode (Standby Mode) also. Therefore, it is better to switch off your machine completely after the usage. Same thing is applicable to your washing machine.

The number of stars presents the standard for every heavy appliance. So, always try to go for a 5-star rating appliance to save power. Pick a branded washing machine while purchasing. Every machine requires proper care and maintenance to operate in its fullest capability. With these simple points, you can save your machine from any forthcoming damages. Other precautions include using the correct detergent, cleaning dispensers and avoiding to put damp clothes for a longer period in the machine.