Know the Best Type of Washing Drums for Your Laundry Habits

Know the Best Type of Washing Drums for Your Laundry Habits

Today we are going to educate you about the basics of the washing machines according to your need and how you can increase the output of it by keeping in mind few things. So, the next time when you will be doing your laundry, your machine will be working more efficiently than ever. For this you need to know the best type of drums in your washing machines for your washing needs.

1. Know the Capacity you Need:

One of the most important aspects to keep in your mind while buying the washing machine is its capacity. The weight of your laundry and the capacity of the washing drum go hand-in-hand. The drum capacity is usually measured by the weight of the dry clothes that you can wash in one cycle. It is slightly less than the clothes which can actually fit when the washing machine is not running and the same ranges somewhere in between 5kg to 12 kg.

So, how much capacity your washing machine drum should have? If you are living alone or with a partner then it should be 5kgs or less and if you are a nuclear family then it should be between 5kg to 7kg. For large families, it should be around 8kg and more.

Know the Capacity you Need

Next thing you need to know is the type of washing drums that is best suited for your requirement. The washing drums are very different from each other and they depend on many factors like materials, positioning, patterns etc. So let us have a look at the types of drums starting with the position of the drums in the washing machine.

2. Horizontal Drums Vs. Vertical Drums (According to Installment):

The vertical drums are found in traditional fully automatic loading washing machines which revolve on the vertical axis. Partially filling of these drums achieves more efficiency rather than filling them all the way up.

In the case of horizontal drums, which are found in the front loading machine, the efficiency is much greater than the vertical drums. They are usually equipped with larger capacity and use less water as compared to top loading drums. The top-loading models with vertical drums also have a relatively slower spinning cycle, resulting in greater consumption of electricity.

Horizontal Drums Vs. Vertical Drums (According to Installment)


3. Plastic Drums Vs. Stainless Steel Drums (According to Material):

Plastic is becoming a cheaper option in most of the industries today and it has been replacing many materials. Therefore, the plastic has also replaced the conventional materials used in designing the washing drums in the washing machines. They are being treated for resisting the heat and water but still, they wear-off faster compared to their counterparts in the same context. Over the period of time plastic drums become rough and starts damaging the clothes. In this case, maybe the plastic is not the right choice.

In the same situation if we talk about the stainless steel drums in the washing machines, they never rust and they can resist scratches or dents as well. The stainless steel drums can also be repaired as compared to plastic drums, which can only be replaced. Although the stainless steel drums are expensive as compared to plastic drums, but they are worth the investment.

Plastic Drums Vs. Stainless Steel Drums (According to Material)

Here our motto was to educate you on the basis of washing drums which can be best for your washing or laundry habits. Similarly, Intex Washing Machines offers an option for everyone and everyone’s washing needs. We have used and inculcated all the latest technologies in designing the machines according to the daily needs of the people, thus giving them an easy and hassle-free washing experience.