Know the Washing Machine Options Best Suited for Your Lifestyle

Laundry is an everyday problem. Washing machines have solved it to a great extent, but you still have to go around, look at models, and pick the one that suits you best.

Though, keep in mind that ‘best’ can have different definitions, depending on your lifestyle. The types of fabric you wash regularly, the frequency of your cloth-cleaning schedule, the size of your laundry pile in a day or a week, the space needed to fit the machine and its accessories and your budget are a few among the many factors that need to be considered before you can proceed.

So, how should you deal with this? Get your specifications straight.

Determine the Perfect Capacity

Ask yourself, how many people’s clothes make up the laundry of your house?

A drum size smaller than or equal to 5 Kg is suitable for one or two people. A 5 Kg to 7 Kg limit suits a small family of 3 to 4 people. However, if you live with another five to eight people, it’s always better to pick a drum size of 8 Kg or more.

Along with capacity, the usage frequency also affects the choice. For instance, top loading fully automatic machines like the Intex WMA62 with a capacity of 6 Kg will be perfect for a large family who washes a load daily, since the volume would be less than when they do it weekly. The same model will work if you live alone and wash clothes once in a week or so.

Take a Note of the Water Usage

The Intex WMF60SD fully automatic unit gives you around 12 washer options, including baby care, cotton, eco, underwear, duvet, etc. Also, it has overheating control, overflow control, and anti-balance control which means that all you need to do is throw the clothes and detergent in, connect the machine to the tap and forget all about the laundry.

The point – the mentioned design is perfect for you only if you have a constant supply of water.

Semi-automatic washing machines, like the WMSA85GR model, gives you three wash programs, Normal, Heavy, and Gentle. You have the freedom to use water judiciously and don’t need undisrupted flow to ensure proper cleaning.

Figure out Where the Washing Machine Will Be Placed in Your House

Space is an essential factor. Top loading models are a more beneficial choice here, mostly because they open at the lid. Unlike front loaders, you don’t need to make sure that there is enough space for the door to open and it isn’t going to be standing in your way.

If you or anyone using the unit has back trouble, knee issues, etc. you shouldn’t consider front door machines. At the same time, top doors are convenient because you can throw in a cloth mid-wash without having to pause or wait for it to complete a cycle.

Features and Programs

Take a look at these three washers, which happen to be the top performers of the lot.

The WMFF60BD model offers:

  • Electrical and PTC door lock
  • Memory backup to resume washing in case of a power interruption
  • Overheating control
  • Overflow control
  • Temperature manipulation feature
  • 6 Kg wash capacity
  • Fully automatic front loading
  • Child lock
  • Progress indicator

The WMSA85GR model offers:

  • Wash and spin timer
  • Auto-soak
  • Three wash programs
  • Twin tubes turbo dry
  • Water level selection

The ACTIVDRY series Semi-Automatic WMSA85 model offers:

  • 5 kg drum size
  • Multi-directional dynamic washing
  • Waterfall technology for better detergent dissolution
  • Pre-wash feature
  • Memory back up

Did you notice how all three washing machines have different features despite all being very efficient ones? The first one is expensive but makes it immensely easy to do laundry. The second one requires manual intervention but also utilizes less water and saves energy. The last one lets you pre-wash delicate clothes, removes stains before cleaning them and offers the most efficient drying amongst all.

Whichever you pick will directly reflect the features you need most. That’s why it’s better to note down the features you must have and the ones you can do without.

Intex offers many washing machines at affordable prices, with various features. You have budget-friendly units with 6.5 kg drum capacity, power saving operation and wash and rinse timer. At the same time, you have entirely automatic models with smart controls and auto locks. A great partner in the form of a great appliance for everyone is what we offer!