Know Your Washing Machine Better with these Tips!

Know Your Washing Machine Better with these Tips!

Humans are innately lazy beings. For every manual task, we have inventions waiting in line for us to make our lives easy. Likewise, to ease us from the enormous task of keeping our clothes clean and brand new, we have washing machines at our homes. With this appliance, it is not at all hard to wash and/or dry the clothes. But as is with every device, they too need proper care for them to function properly and remain as new as always.

So, today we shall discuss a few tips that will help you understand your washing machine better.

1. Understanding your Needs

Understanding your Needs

Washing machines are available in various types and loading options. There is semi automatic washing machine that involves some work from your side to set the wash cycle and spinning the clothes dry. Then is the fully automatic model that requires you to just plug in and it takes care of the rest. The fully automatic counterparts of these appliances are of further two types: Front Loading, in which, as the name suggests, the opening to put clothes is in the front; and Top Loading which has the opening located on the top. Before buying one, always keep in mind your needs and how much effort can you put in with it. So, make your decision keeping in mind your budget too.

2. Never Overfill


After you bring home your washing machine, there are a few ground rules to follow. The most important one is to never fill the appliance above the prescribed water level marked in the drum. Also, keep in mind not putting clothes above its capacity. This is done because while the appliance spins and turns, there takes place some turbulent movement in its drum. If filled above the level, the water and clothes can fall out of the appliance and create a mess around it. This can also interfere with its functioning and make it off – balance.

3. Using the Right Detergent

Using the Right Detergent

While all the detergents may claim to be best for your clothes, you must choose them according to your washing machine. Inferior quality detergent powders have insoluble ingredients in them which can remain as a residue inside it. This can be a nuisance as it can even clog the drum and the water outlet. Therefore, use a good quality detergent and in the right amount that is, according to the number of clothes. In case of cold water, mixing the detergent with some water before putting in also yields better results. Nowadays, there is a variety of detergents made specifically for the front loading and top loading fully automatic machines. Make sure you buy them according to your appliance type.

4. Making sure the Washing Machine is balanced

Making sure the Washing Machine is balanced

The swirling motion of the appliance requires a leveled balance for the best results. In case of an unbalanced washing machine, you might get disappointed with the cleanliness of the clothes. However, if you feel your appliance is tilted towards one side, follow these steps:

  • Make sure it is placed on a leveled floor.
  • Don’t wash bigger clothes like bed sheets and towels alone. It’s better to put some smaller 0clothes along with them.
  • Don’t overload the washing machine.
  • Make sure the agitator is free and no clothes get wrapped around it.

5. Understanding the Features and Specifications

Understanding the Features and Specifications

Different washing machines come with different processes of working. For instance, fully automatic models have different sets of washing programs, useful for different types of clothes and washings. It is very important to understand each one of them to get the best of them. Similarly, properly using the semi-automatic machine’s wash and rinse cycle will yield the best results. It is imperative that you get to know all the processes and programs while the appliance is being installed. You can also easily search online and find manual videos and articles about each one of them.


6. Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

While removing the dirt and stains from clothes, after a while, the washing machines, regardless of their type and use, accumulate dirt within themselves. And this acts as a hindrance to its functioning. Therefore, it is important to clean yourappliance regularly. For that, first of all empty the appliance of all the bits and lint residue by picking them up. Then put some hot water and detergent and allow the machine to run for some time. Then stop the cycle and use a cloth or sponge to rub the walls. After a few more cycles, drain the machine. Another way to clean itis by using vinegar and common salt to scrub out the stains.

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