Washing Machine that will be a Smart and Elegant Addition to Your Home

Just like refrigerators, washing machines are also as much a tool of convenience as they are a part of your home decor. With technological advancements, we aren’t far away from a point where you’d be looking for smart machines that you can control with your mobile phone.

Right now, designs of these appliances have progressed to a point where you get to choose between the top door or front-loaded, fully automatic washing machine or semi-automatic one. Other prominent features include a child lock, progress indicator, door lock, overheating control, etc.

Over the years, these appliances have evolved, both in functionality as well as design, such that they have added to your convenience significantly while adding to the elegance of your home as well.

Models Worth Considering

Before you do that, take a moment to determine the kind of machine you require and can buy. Figure out if you need a semi-automatic or fully automatic washing machine or a top loading or front loading model.

The size and capacity you need, water and electricity saving ratings you prefer, and your budget should also be clear before you set out to shop.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

These models are the smartest among washing machines that you’ll ever find. They have a single motor which takes care of washing and spinning with no human intervention required.

Some models of front loading fully automatic washing machine, is about 50 Kgs in weight, hence not extremely bulky. Its inner tube has a capacity of 6 Kgs, which means you can wash a large enough load in it without any trouble.

They also offer smart features like electrical door lock, anti-foam control, overheating & overflowing safety, and auto balance system. Their noise level is between 62 and 75 decibels, which is equivalent to the loudness of background music in a restaurant.

Top loading washing machines, like Intex WMFT75BK, are light at 31 Kgs, and can efficiently perform swirl wash at low water pressures. It is equipped with anti-wrinkle technology, air damping derrick, and air drying. This model is rat proof and has a child lock, an error code alarm in case an inner circuit goes wrong, and an automatic power-off system to prevent overflowing, etc.

Top Loading versus Front Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Buying a front loading model could be better in particular instances, like-

  • It removes tough stains better than top loaders
  • It uses limited water for the wash cycles
  • It’s energy efficient
  • You can keep the drier on top of the front loading model and save space
  • It has faster spin cycles and more effective wash motion

However, with top loading models, you get proper stain removal, washing with low water pressure, and energy efficiency as well. With a metal body and a curvy design, it fits the ‘smart yet elegant’ category perfectly.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

These machines usually contain two tubs, one each for washing and drying, separately. However, some semi-automatic models also come with a single tub.  Manual intervention is required to shift the clothes from washer tub to the dryer tub.

Some of the top loading semi-automatic washing machines like WMSA85GR from our exceptional series of this appliance has a capacity of 8.5 Kgs and can be a very helpful addition for a joint or large family.

While these types of models do not provide smart digital controls like their more technologically evolved counterparts, they are still instrumental. With a spin speed of 1350 rpm, they provide excellent washing and drying services. They don’t need a constant water connection, use less water than general fully automatic models, and require less time (about 35 minutes) to complete a washing cycle.

Smart Washing Machines Are the Best Choice If You Can Afford Them

Both fully and semi-automatic machines carry pros and cons, as you read here. However, with smart machines, you have better control over the process. It saves your time, makes doing the laundry a convenient chore, and has enough kinds of locks to eliminate any worries about a child getting their hands on the appliance.

Intex front loading fully automatic washing machines are available to you at very cost effective prices and we make sure to provide you the best of the convenience. Our top models offer as much as 100 rpm of spin speed, door lock display, fault check, controls for foaming, overheating, auto balance, and door locks. And they have more than 15 knob functions for washing alone.

When you find a model with affordable pricing, easy-to-use interface, and essential features in your budget, just grab the opportunity and bring home your perfect partner that suits your household and is as efficient as you are!