Washing machine – your best friend during rainy season

Washing Machine – Your Best Friend During Rainy Season

With random rain and muddy pools, are your dripping clothes, drenched coats and dirty trousers growing your laundry pile? Is the idea of scrubbing, wringing and drying them out giving you nightmares?

Do not worry. Doing the laundry can be a breeze with your Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic Washing Machine. Here are six tips to use your Washing Machine effectively.

  1. Sort the clothes

Sort the clothes - Washing Machine

First of all, sort your clothes. Wash your dry clothes separately and already-wet clothes separately. This way you could stop the dirt and bacteria from spreading to other clothes.

  1. Spot-wash stains

Spot Wash Stains - Washing Machine


If the mud stains are small, let them dry before scrubbing them clean with an old toothbrush. If they are big, spot-wash them immediately before putting them into your Washing Machine.

  1. Swop the detergents

Swop the detergents - Washing Machine

Recently did you change your soap, tempted by the latest TV ad? Well, the same applies to your clothes too! Depending on whether your washing machine is Front Load  or Top Load, keep trying different detergents. This could add variety to the fragrance on your clothes.

  1. Stop the smell

Stop the smell - Washing Machine

Despite the new detergent, is the indoor drying leaving a damp smell on your clothes? Try Vinegar. It restrains the growth of bacteria. Add a few drops of vinegar to the water in the last rinse.

  1. Spring an empty wash

Spring an empty wash - Washing Machine

Once you are done, drop some detergent and put the machine on a wash cycle with low or medium water level. This will clean the machine and keep it in good health.

  1. Switch off

Switch off - Washing Machine

After every wash, keep the lid/ door open for at least half an hour to ventilate your machine. And when your Washing Machine is not in use, switch it off.

The latest models of Intex Washing Machines are designed to be more effective and energy-efficient, to make your life easier. Your clothes are now cleaner than ever before while saving your precious time and energy. Follow these tips and see your clothes smell incredibly great like you all day!